Top Missionary Gifts for 2017

Top Six Gifts to send Missionaries in 2017

With an influx in missionaries sometimes it’s hard to know what to send to missionaries that is or isn’t appropriate for the mission field. We are here to help by giving you six gift ideas that you can send to your missionary to let them know you are thinking of them and to show them some love.

#6 – CTR Ring

Who doesn’t want a brand new shiny CTR ring? CTR rings are a great gift for any missionary. Your sister missionary would love a pretty and dainty sterling silver CTR ring and a new elegant tungsten CTR ring would look great on your handsome son on his mission. Send your favorite missionary a CTR ring today, we promise they will love it!

#5 – Food/Baked Goods

One thing that we think your missionary will love is food. I mean who doesn’t love food right? We know that your missionary would love some of your famous homemade chocolate chip cookies or maybe some banana bread. However, be warned that these kind of gifts can make a missionary “trunky”. Sometimes these gifts remind them too much of home and they can lose focus, but if they are really missing their favorite candy bar and are tired of the rice and beans offered in their particular area, send them a care package with all of their favorite treats.

#4 – Clothing/Ties

Ties for men, or dresses for the ladies, are great gifts that missionaries can never have too much of! Elders are having to wear a tie every single day during their time of service, and sisters are stuck in a dress everyday so why not give them something new to work into their wardrobe! The great thing about ties and dresses are that there are tons of snazzy varieties that can help your missionary wow and dazzle their way through all their zones!

#3 – Money

What is a better gift for your tightly budgeting missionary than money? Missionaries love to get a little extra money for the month to buy something different than the same meal everyday. However, those missionaries that are in other countries might want you to just deposit some money in their account so that they don’t have to exchange currency. Send your missionary some extra dough to brighten up their week!

#2 – Watches

Has your missionary been running late a lot and missing out on baptism opportunities because of it? Get your missionary a stylish new watch! A new watch will ensure that they will never be late to a dinner appointment again! Your missionary would love a brand new watch to show off to his or her companion. Watches are classic gifts that anyone would love!

#1 – Zion Clothings Funny LDS T-shirts

Your missionary has a p-day right? Of course they do! Well what do they wear on those days where they can dress down a little? Sending them a funny, yet still religious t-shirt, fills that grey area. Zion Clothing has the perfect t-shirts that will make your missionary as well as their investigator’s laugh as they start down the path of conversion.

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