Sunday Morning LDS Conference Session

Birds are chirping the sun is shining and the leaves are just starting to change as member’s of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints gather together to participate in the Fall LDS General Conference. I tuned into conference with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing shortly before David A. Bednar began his talk.

David A. Bednar spoke about keeping the sabbath day holy and how one day each week should be a day of rest so that we can all remember the savior. How members of the church on this day of rest should go to a house of prayer and partake of the sacrament. The purpose of the sabbath is to elevate our vision and focus not so much on the life in front of us, but the life that is ahead of us. Temples are a house of the lord on this earth and are the most holy places of worship. This is where we can go partake in sacred ordinances.

With many talks that had a lot of special messages that all members of the church could apply into their lives, one talk in particular that stood out to me was the talk by Henry B. Eyring and he spoke the yellow angels. Latter Day Saints helped in humanitarian efforts wearing a yellow t-shirt. People were so impressed and thankful for the contributions by these members of the LDS church they appropriately titled them yellow angels. Faith put into action by sacrifice allows people to feel the love of God through others. Eyring emphasized that the lord will need more from us, and the generations after us and they will need to be even stronger than we are because they will be faced with things by the enemy of our souls that we could never imagine now and they will have to do much harder things.

Eyring wanted the LDS members to remember what the Lord had said that I will be there to support you and bear you up, I will be on your right and on your left and he will always give us his spirit in our hearts as we have been promised in every sacrament meeting on the sabbath day. The best days are ahead for the church on this earth, and opposition will help to grow all of our testimonies in this church. President Eyring reassured us that we will have angels bless us with people there to help us, or maybe we will be the angels that will be there to lift up others. He closed his talk with giving us his love and his humble testimony. As the Mormon Tabernacle closed by singing “I Believe in Christ” I was humbled by the fact that the Prophet was not going to be addressing the church, but so grateful for the apostles that were in attendance to be able to give us a great messages in his absence. May we all try a little harder to be a little better every day.

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