About Zion Clothing

Zion Clothing Company has been in operation for about 20 years now and is owned and operate by Mike Hallewell. It is the combination of two businesses that once operated independently of each other, Bonkers Apparel and Zion Clothing Company.

In the early 1990’s Zion Clothing Company and Bonkers Apparel were friendly competitors. Mike bought Bonkers Apparel from the founder Randy Paul, and eventually also acquired Zion Clothing Company from its founder Jamen Wood.

Randy Paul is a St. George, Utah resident who went on to make his mark in the decorative concrete business, building such items as the volcano and the train tunnel that are a major part of the “All Abilities Park” in St. George on S. Dixie Drive. Randy is an incredibly talented artist.

Jamen Wood is from Northern Utah and is a talented and creative person in his own right, and has gone on to other business interests since selling Zion Clothing Company.